Spectacle Lenses

We provide a full range of Spectacle lenses. Our aim is to help you understand and choose the correct spectacle lens to suit your needs.

Single vision

Set for one viewing distance only, which may be near, intermediate or distance.

Progressive lenses

progressive lenses
These have three main zones for distance, intermediate and reading, so users can enjoy the convenience of not having to take their glasses on and off and can view all distances in one lens.


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Bifocal lenses

progressive lenses
Bifocals are sectioned into two distance parts, which give the user clear distance and near (generally), with no transition or correction in between.

Office lenses

office lenses
The Office All-Rounder has been designed with the needs of computer users in mind for the office environment. With a larger intermediate vision zone, this lens is best suited to use on digital devices up to 2m and has a small distance area to see projector screens or use their glasses walking around the office. This lens is not suitable for driving.


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