Spectacle Frames

Spectacle Frames

At Eyezone Optometrists we believe that the choice of your spectacle frame will not only make you feel good, but will also make you look great too!

There are mainly four types of spectacle frames: Metal, Plastic, Half-rim (nylon fitted frames) and Rimless frames.

We have a wide variety of kiddies and adult frames to choose from. Frame styles constantly change according to fashion colours and designs, and a modern style with a bit of colour will suit almost any complexion.
At Eyezone the optometrist or frame assistant will always give the best advice as far as frame colour and style is concerned.

We stock both branded and non-branded frames.

Our branded frames include:

Lupo&Co eyewear

Please note that some frame models are occasionally discontinued or out of stock.
Please contact us to enquire whether models are still available.